What is the most important in poker?

Many beginners, beginning to get acquainted with card games, ask themselves the question – what is the main thing in poker? They notice that some of the contenders play successfully – they practically do not make mistakes, they build up the stack, they reach the high prize places in the tournaments. Do they know the special secrets that help them win? The theory of a successful game is three-dimensional and every aspect of it is important, but we try to answer the question and highlight the most impoŠ¾rtant points.
Poker Mathematics
Mathematical calculations are at the heart of poker theory – the entire strategy is based on it. A player who does not know poker mathematics, but has a developed logical thinking, plays deliberately, but can not ensure a stable profit. The fact is that any action in a bid, whether it is a bet with a strong hand, a fold or a bluff – should be profitable.
The profitability of decisions is determined by calculating the probabilities and odds of the bank, Equity hands and EV. It seems difficult, but there are only 52 cards in the deck – each face value of 4 and each suit by 13. Therefore, using the theory of probability, you can calculate the chances of winning in any situation.
Knowing the probabilities, you can compare them with the size of the bank and the rates, determining whether the action will bring profit or not. Therefore, first of all, after studying the rules, you need to learn the probabilities and chances of the bank.
Example: Even an aspiring player, having a Flash-Dro on the board, intuitively understands that he has many chances to make a Flash. He sees that he already has four cards of the same suit and left to catch only one. Given that there are four suits, you can quickly calculate that the probability of coming to the right suit, when you open one card, is about 25%. But four suited maps are already on hand, so the chances are somewhat reduced (in reality – about 20%).