Typical mistakes of poker novices

Consider the typical mistakes of newcomers, reducing their winrate (the indicator of the success of the player in cache poker, which is expressed in BB / 100, in fact, it reflects the amount of money that the average player wins every 100 hands):
Entrance to the distribution without a queue. This is not considered a mistake more than 90% of the polled players. Why wait for the BB queue to start the game if I’m ready to enter the game right away? Absolutely no need to spend even more money to speed up the moment of receiving cards. Spend the waiting time of your turn to learn the players and the manner of their game, this will improve performance and save money.
Draw lots of hands. It is always impossible to win poker, but you can increase the ratio of victories to played hands. Beginners try to bring to the end every hand regardless of whether they have strong cards on their hands or frank garbage. Use a long-established chart of starting hands that you should play and do not give up until you play enough to exclude post-flop errors.
Tilt. This is a player’s state when he does not realize the correctness of the actions performed at the table. There may be several reasons for this, a general lack of understanding of the principles of the game, a bad mood, emotional unrest, a series of unsuccessful hands, and so on. The result will be an unambiguous loss or a complete loss of the bankroll. At microlits it is very important to determine for yourself the signs of tilt and ways to overcome it. Build a verified profitable game and do not try to prove your steepness to opponents, then there will be less problems with tilt.
Do not bluff against very tight players. They basically do not play weak cards, and therefore bring the distribution to the finals. Bluffing in poker will be punished in any case.
Play on the limit. There is a clear scale of the amount of BI in the player’s bankroll for his transition above or below the limits. If you can not win in poker here, the above will not work out exactly. Those who try to shoot at the senior limit replenish the bankroll constantly there playing.
Passive game. To go with the flow. Being guided by the rest of the players seems the easiest. In fact, there is a loss of control over the situation and a loss. Our task is to earn, not give, that means we need to find a balance between a tight and aggressive game. The opponent will not fail if you do not make a bet.