Secrets of movement on limits

In order to play at a high limit, you need to “get through” to it, and not just replenish the account and start the game.
The questions of players’ movement on limits have been discussed for a long time and this aspect is included in the set of answers to the question – how to play and win poker correctly? Here are a few important points to keep in mind:
Prepare the bankroll for the transition. Funds taken at the table should not exceed 5% of the total amount of funds, which should be enough for 25 buy-ins at this limit.
To play the right amount of money is not enough to go to the higher limit. The higher the limit, the higher the level of players, which means you need to grow and professionally. To assess the readiness is used winrate, which should be more than 5BB / 100 hands.
Do not be afraid to go back. When the bankroll is $ 750, the player will go to NL 25, for some reason he will deposit the deposit to $ 675 and must return to NL10 to avoid a serious drawdown.
Players who have reached the level of writing their own game guides or books on poker share several important points that allow you to win poker and move on to the limits with an enviable performance:
Do not start with absolute zero. Playing freerolls is considered meaningless, as it does not bring awareness of the loss or acquisition of real money. Find the opportunity to recharge your account in the poker room and play on the microlite experience.
A clear plan of action with options for any situation. Each deviation moves you away from the goal and spends the money of the bankroll. If you decide to win tournaments in poker, do not spend a lot of time in the cash game and vice versa.
Be ready to return. A clear plan and a prepared bankroll do not give 100% a successful rise in the limits. Be ready to return to the stage below, to work on the mistakes and return with new forces.
Downstreet is not the best time to change strategy. The concept of downstream is usually treated as a bad luck zone. In poker there are times when this band lasts for several months. The bankroll is gradually melting and the player begins to doubt the correctness of the strategy of his game. Changing the strategy during downstream is likely to negatively impact your result, as you can not objectively assess your poker stats.
How to assess the situation? The transition is higher with a bankroll of 25 buy-ins at the next level. If there are lost 10 BI, get down back to the accumulation of the original volume.
Do not be fooled. Going to the limit is not only money, but also experience and skill.